Clash detection & resolution

One of the key benefits of BIM is the ability to spot 'clashes' at an early stage in your project where they should be much easier, cheaper and less time consuming to rectify.

As per industry each party will develop a discipline wise BIM model, using the architect's model as a starting point a structural engineer, mechanical, plumbing engineer, electrical engineer and others. Each model will consist of a range of model files, documents and structured data files containing non-geometric information about what is being designed.

HSS BIM team will integrate the individual BIM models and prepare a coordinated model to run-through the clash detection process. The expert’s team will prepare a clash detection matrix based on the project design and requirements before start the clash detection process. Once the clash detection process are run-through then the HARD & SOFT clashes reports shall be submitted to the client for their review and resolution. Along with the clash report HSS BIM Engineering team will also propose the suggestion/resolution to resolve some of the reported clashes.