Construction Simulation

Simulating the progress of the construction activity helps the construction team visualize logistical issues or inefficiencies. The virtual simulation exposes details such as out-of-sequence work, scheduling conflicts between multiple trades, ‘what if’ scenarios, and macro-level construction phasing strategies – all in order to achieve the optimization of the construction schedule.

  • The construction schedule developed in native software like PrimaVera and MS Project can be linked to the BIM model and analysed further on aspects like feasibility, constructability and methodical procedures.
  • Once we receive the data required for project planning, our technical team changes the various aspects of the 3D model geometry. We then use this model and export data from it to the 4D simulation.
  • After this process, all the construction tasks and planning data are linked to the 3D model.
  • These visuals also help the construction team to analyse the ‘what-if’ scenarios and enables us to counter these situations in a dynamic manner.
  • The best part of 4D simulation is that it can perfectly relate to the planned VS actual progress of construction