Scan to BIM Model

Using Laser Scanning as a means to create a Building Information Model for existing buildings or infrastructure replaces traditional methods with substantial benefits. Scanning provides a fast, accurate and cost effective methodology for delivering as-built BIM-ready information, typically for retrofit and refurbishment projects.

As a “Scan to BIM” process our experts will scan the existing building using the laser scanner and collect the point cloud with millions of data points. Once the Point cloud data are captured then HSS BIM team will develop the BIM model. The BIM deliverables produced by our team closely represent actual real-world conditions.

The Scan to BIM will help the existing building owners who wants to renovate the building but they are not having the As-built drawings. We are here to Scan and create the BIM model/Drawings for you. Once the model are prepared you can share with the Design consultants to redesign the building.

The Scan to BIM helps the Contractors/Owners to cross verify the actual contraction progress in site with the approved architectural & engineering design. If a sub-contractor placed utilities in the wrong location, or if a column was placed in the wrong spot,that will be clear in the model. Our models help you plan based on the actual building conditions rather than the building that was supposed to be built.

Our Services Includes

  • Scan and prepare a BIM model
  • Develop a BIM model from the Point cloud data
  • Update the BIM model to next level like